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Hello, I’m Esteban Gast and I'm a Colombian-American comedian and writer. I've lived a few lives; teacher and author, running an off-the-grid community, and startup COO. 

Then, I found my passion: comedy about things that matter.

My work has been called "irreverent but aspirational" by Variety and honestly, they nailed it. I write, do standup, and am the comedian-in-residence at Generation180 where I helped create the Climate Comedy Cohort. I've hosted things like a Spotify Original podcast and a few webseries for places like SoulPancake, and a bunch of commercials for an electric car for Hyundai.  I also starred in this VICELAND tv show called "Jungletown" following me around that eco-community I mentioned earlier. In 2023, I was chosen as a Grist50 Fixer, and in 2024 the Climate Comedy Cohort won an Anthem Award. I co-wrote the book and lyrics for a comedy-musical "Teacher of the Year" which was a 2024 finalist for the O'Neil and has done workshops in regional theatres across the country. This bio has gotten long so I'm just going to end it now.

You can read more about me and my work in the Guardian, Grist, Remezcla, Hollywood Reporter, ABC Nightline, and NPR's "Science Friday" among others.

Or you can hire me to do standup, speak, or write. 

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