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Hi. I'm Esteban.

I'm a comedian, writer, and speaker focused on telling stories that matter. I'm the co-creator and co-host of Spotify Original podcast "Identity at Play" which was profiled in Insider and Remezcla. I'm also host of the podcast "Comedians Conquering Climate" which was called "irreverant but aspirational" by Variety. I'm the creator and host of two shows on SoulPancake digital shows, and a Hyundai-sponsored travel show about sustainability. As a comedian, I've opened up for people like Colin Jost, Tim Meadows, and Bo Burnham. I've done stand-up in over 20 states in comedy clubs, festivals, theatres, and barns. 

Currently, I'm the comedian-in-residence at Generation180, a nonprofit working to equip people to take action on climate change. With them, we created the Climate Comedy Cohort where I'm the Co-Creative Director and leading a first-of-its-kind network of comedians coming together to create new comedy informed by the latest climate science. After some learning, we take their work on the road in a series of live shows, short-form video, and other funny content. We did a Comedy Central social media takeover so that's fun. I got to talk to people like Grist and quoted by places my parents wish I went to school like Yale and Columbia.


I speak, both silly and serious, at middle schools, high schools, colleges, comedy clubs, and conferences. I've lived a few lives: previously, I taught creativity at the University of Illinois. I co-wrote a book on creativity. I ran a school in the off-the-grid jungle teaching sustainability. I was COO of an entertainment tech company focused on diversity in Hollywood. I was the star of a TV show that aired on VICELAND and A&E called "Jungletown" an attempt to tell stories about being good to the earth and good to each other. It lasted only one season and climate change wasn't totally fixed, so I'm on a mission to tell more stories about being good to the earth and good to the each other. 

I'm the son of two Colombian immigrants and grew up in Puerto Rico and the suburbs of Chicago. I currently live in LA. That 's it. You now know everything about me.  There's literally nothing else to know. 


I speak at schools, colleges, conferences, and corporate events. You can find more at Kirkland Productions



I've been featured in NPR about "soft skills" and Huffington Post about creativity and lots of local press for things as diverse as being a stand-up comedian and writing a musical about Pluto the (ex)planet. 



I created "Nothing Is Boring" and "Third Culture Conversations" and hosted "Hyundai Highways"


I've also starred in a TV show, just recently made this short film that went to festivals, and get hired to make funny and educational videos for places like Skillshare. 



I co-wrote a movie you can read about here from Hollywood Reporter so you know it's real.

I also co-wrote a book on creativity. You can find it here.  


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