Hi. I'm Esteban.

I know you're busy. I'll make it quick. I speak, both silly and serious, at middle schools, high schools, colleges, comedy clubs, and conferences. I taught creativity at the college level. I co-wrote a book on creativity. I ran a school in the off-the-grid jungle. I was COO of an entertainment tech company focused on diversity in Hollywood. I was on a TV show that aired on VICELAND and A&E. I started a few businesses.  I'm still figuring things out.

Things I'm obsessed with:

I speak at schools, colleges, conferences, and corporate events. You can find more at Kirkland Productions


For the past few years, I've been working with CharacterStrong speaking about kindness and I love it. 


I've been featured in NPR about "soft skills" and Huffington Post about creativity and lots of local press for things as diverse as being a stand-up comedian and being a fan of Pluto the planet. 


I've starred in a TV show and a web-series, made videos for companies, non-profits, political organizations and for fun. It's been a blast.  


I've written some blogs for Medium that mean a lot to me. Here's one of the more popular ones. 


I also co-wrote a book on creativity. You can find it here.  


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